Frequently Asked Questions

Job Board Registration / Distribution Questions

Is the Service FREE of charge?
YES – The service is totally FREE of Charge. We will register your details for recruiters to find you on CV Mate and also submit your details to up to 10 Job Board websites that match your criteria.
Where does my CV get sent?
Based on the information that you supply us with, your CV will get sent to our partnered jobs websites that have been specifically selected due to your job requirements. If you require very specialist work in a particular industry, our service will distribute your CV to specialist niche job sites that match your requirements, or for more general job needs, we may send your CV to some of the larger, general jobs websites.
Who are your partnered job sites?
Our business also owns the Job Posting software business This software is used by many of the leading Recruiters within the UK to post jobs onto many of the Top UK Job Boards. JobMate is integrated with virtually EVERY job board in the UK. For a list of all sites integrated with JobMate please visit . A high number of these job boards are registered with CV Mate for this Candidate Registration service. Our partnered sites are trusted clients of ours who have agreed to receive the CVs we send them. They are a mixture of some of the leading industry names, to smaller niche sites which deal with specific job titles that may be more specialist than the categories on some of the larger jobs websites.
What if I’ve already registered with some jobs websites?
Our clever technology is set up to disallow any sites that your details are already registered on, so you will not be re-registered on a site that you are already signed up to.
How will I know where you have sent my CV?
Once you have completed the form and submitted the information, we will confirm all of the job board websites that match your criteria. Your log-in details and passwords will be the same as your details registered here.
How does CV Mate work?
CV Mate uses a custom integration system which allows it to submit your details to other jobs websites, the details they receive are the same as if you were to visit that job site in person and enter all of your required job profile requirements. We reduce the amount of time you need to spend filling in forms, as once you have completed our simple form, your details will be submitted to multiple job sites, saving you the time consuming task of registering on many websites and duplicating your work.
Do I need to fill in all of the information?
The more information you can supply us with, the better. We will be able to pass your CV on to many more partnered sites, if you have filled in all of the information. This is because some sites require more detail than others to allow us to submit your CV, therefore you should try and fill in as much of the information as you can to enable your CV to have maximum exposure to employers.
What happens if I need to update my CV?
Simply use your login details to update and amend any details you wish. When a profile is updated, our system will notify us and we will submit your details to our partnered sites.
What happens when I have completed the form?
When you have completed your form we will confirm the sites we have registered you with. They will then have your CV and contact details enabling them to respond to you directly regarding any job opportunities.
Will my CV be sent to other places after the initial process is complete?
No. We only send your details to the partner job sites at the time of your registration.

Recruitment Agency Emailing / Premium Upgrade Questions

What is your Premium Upgrade Service?
As an optional extra, If you decide you want to upgrade to our Premium Service, for a one off cost of just £19.95 + vat, we will send your details to even more matching job boards, up to 742 others. (The Free service only registers you on up to 10 Job board websites) PLUS we will send your details out by email to Recruitment agencies, headhunting firms and other specialist recruiters that match your required Job criteria (up to 87,624 recruiters possible). This significantly increases your chances of being noticed.
Are all recruiters opted in to your service?
Yes, all recruiters in our network have opted into our service and have a profile stored of the candidates that they are looking to interview and place. This ensures that they welcome candidates forwarded from CV Mate as we only send them specific candidates that match the profile that they have stored.

In addition, our researchers screen all recruiters and only legitimate firms are allowed to register with us to receive CVs.
How many recruiters will receive my CV?
This depends on your function, sector, industry, location and salary. At the end of the detailed submission process we indicate exactly how many other job boards and recruiters your profile matches with. We then send your details to these Recruiters. The list of recruiters is available to you as an option.
How many responses will I get?
You’ll usually start receiving contact from recruiters as soon as we start forwarding your CV. The number of responses depends on a variety of factors which include the demand for your particular skill-set and suitability for current roles. Most feedback from recruiters generally comes within two weeks from the date you distribute your CV.
Can I view the list of all recipients?
Yes, unlike certain other companies that refuse to let you know where they send your CV, you do have the option of obtaining the list of recruitment companies to which your CV is sent.
How does this compare with applying for jobs online or in the press?
When applying for jobs, it can take a long time to make the right connections. First you have to trawl the job boards looking for the right roles, and you then forward your CV to just one recruiter at a time. This can take months to get anywhere. With CV Mate, your CV goes straight to multiple, targeted recruiters online immediately. We help you maximise your interview exposure instantly.
How quickly do you process my data?
We make every endeavour to process data via our automated systems as quickly as possible. Sometimes due to high volumes our processing times may reduce to a few minutes rather than being instantaneous. As a premium upgrade candidate your submission gets priority over candidates using our free limited facility. You do need to note however that some Job Boards may take longer to update their servers than others before your details show up on search results for recruiters. You should allow up to 48hrs maximum for data centre updates in these cases.
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